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This is One Sultry Day


One Sultry Day is an alternative rock band with Celtic and Native American roots. Our mission is to spread the power of positivity. The band was created by former STEPPENWOLF REVISITED rhythym guitarist Dana Dougherty and officially launched in April 2017.

One Sultry Day songs are transformative in nature. They deal with moving on, overcoming challenge, discarding chaos, or navigating emotional waters. Our songs rock in an inspiring and uplifting manner, illuminating the path to betterment. If you believe in yourself, the universe will believe in you. We attract what we think and what we believe. Our expectation controls reality. Be open to change, be invested in good things... and everything is possible. Follow your dreams!


Vocals / "Renagade Rebel" Roxanne Bradshaw
Vocals, Guitar / "One Sultry" Dana Dougherty
Guitar / Jeff "Dragon" Lombardi
Bass / David "V" Velock
Drums / Michelle Wadlow



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Past Performances

Jun 23
Matts Annual Fun Run
Everett, WA

Mar 15
Fulton 55
Fresno, CA

Mar 13
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco, CA

Mar 11
19 Broadway Nightclub
Fairfax, CA

Mar 09
Brewery Arts Center
Carson City, NV

Mar 08
Whisky A Go Go
Hollywood, CA

Mar 07
Lestat's Coffee House
San Diego, CA

Jan 20
Hawaiian Brians Showroom
Honolulu, HI