WWYD Releases February 5th

We are super excited that "W.W.Y.D." will be officially launching in over 100 stores worldwide on February 5th, 2018. The lineup for the album includes "Clarkston', "Stone Cold Silence", "Grattitude", "Boss of You", "What Would You Do" and "Long Way To Go". Recorded in our studio in Kent WA, with production from 5 time Emmy winning Grammy nominated producer Brian Lanese, and mastered at M&D Sound, the latest release is ready to hit the Alternative Rock scene hard. Art for the album was produced by S. Siobhan McElwee, and also available for sale on Imagekind, where Ms. McElwee donates the proceeds from her art sales to Enterovirus and Neuroimmune disease research. To support and promote the album the band is embarking on the "Everything Possible" West Coast tour in March.

In addition to digital mediums, the album is available in 2 compact disc versions: a standard jacketed version and also in a limited edition jewel case release with an 8 page booklet including additional art and the song lyrics. Both editions can be purchased directly from the band (discounts may apply), or from our website following the Everything Possible tour. A tour exclusive T-Shirt will also be available.

The prerelease of the album has already generated significant interest: With a surge in social media engagement the band has moved into the Top 10 on the regional alternative charts and we are fielding requests for material from several radio interests. The band is very happy with the release and already gearing up to do even better with the next album "Into the Airwaves". Plans include Fireflies, Apology, Train Wreck, Bad Girl, Airwaves, Toxic Waste, Hope Song and more.