Hollow Earth Interview

Sunday January 13, 2019. Our very own Roxanne Bradshaw, Dana Dougherty, and Michelle Wadlow were happy to be on the air with Channal and Baretoe on their All City Sounds radio show hosted by KHUH 104.9 FM . Channal and Baretoe have been long standing “favored friends” of the band and have frequently joined us at special events around Washington State and in our studio here in Kent. It was a pleasure to see the tables reversed and have the chance to be a guest with them at their studio at Hollow Earth Radio .

Much was discussed, including information on the progress of the upcoming album release, the making of the “Into the Airwaves” video, tour plans, drone talk, Easter eggs, great Elvis Acts, and more. Be sure to check out the footage of the interview on our social media page.